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A colleciton of thoughts on branding strategies.

Thornhill Web Design

Beneath the calm, suburban charm of Thornhill, lies a buzzing economy. It has plenty of potential, ready to be explored, and thanks to the internet, that has never been easier. Split between Vaughan and Markham, lying on the north border of Toronto, Thornhill has an economic scenario that’s always plentiful. And what better way to…

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company website transaction

5 reasons why you need a company website

You definitely need a company website to make sure your new business prospers. There may be a lot of things on your mind when starting up your small business, but here are a few reasons why a company website should be near the top of your list. Credibility The number one reason that you need…

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communicate online

Why your business needs to communicate online!

The internet is a powerful tool that is being used by more and more people around the world. As a result, streamlining your business to communicate online can drastically increase the speed and productivity of your company and your potential customers. Unfortunately, we live in a day in age where we simply don’t speak on…

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website conversion rate

Website Conversion Rate – Tips & Tricks

There’s no doubt about it, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is one of the best ways to market your business online. But you need to have the right website conversion rate. Services such as Google AdWords let you pay cash to earn clicks on your website. That’s right folks, you heard it right – just as the…

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wordpress website design

5 reasons for WordPress website design

There is a reason that a WordPress website design is the number one choice for most web developers. Did you know that 20% of all websites online are powered by this amazing content management system? Now, you might think that a WordPress website design is just meant for blogs and small businesses. But if that’s what…

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logo design suits

Suits Logo Design

A stylish logo design for a stylish startup business. Life Web & Design is a great choice if you’re looking for a graphic artist that can make a logo design for your start up business. We have experienced graphic designers that can take your business idea and turn it into a brand. While at the same…

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flightmaster logo

Logo and Print Design

Who knew that a “flight” over Toronto would result in another happy Life Web & Design customer. Logo and print design for Flight Master Entertainment. It was a typical Saturday afternoon when I was flipping through the channels on our TV, taking a break from a logo and print design project I was working on…

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Entrepreneur Of The Future

Alibaba’s Jack Ma – a self made billionaire talks about how he was declined a job in KFC, and the important factors of running a business in the 21st Century. If you’re an entrepreneur working on a startup business, this is a must watch. This video speaks to the staff here at Life Web &…

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6 Things You Need For A Startup Business

Beginning the adventure of a startup business can be a long and difficult chore, but what you get in return can truly be self rewarding. 1.The will and drive to power your business. Some might argue that above and beyond, the most important tool for success is YOURSELF. When starting a business, we need to…

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