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7 Graphic Design Trends To Use On Your Website in 2022

the latest graphic design trends for your website

Websites are constantly evolving. Over the last few years, they’ve become faster, more functional and nicer to look at, and that last element is what we would like to discuss today. Let’s have a look at the seven most interesting graphic trends you can employ on your website in 2022 and beyond. Of course, there…

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How will the Helpful Content update affect your SEO?

google helpful content seo update

From time to time, Google updates its guidelines for website owners. The goal is always the same – to help people using the largest search engine ever find what they need. Recently, Google introduced the Helpful Content update. Find out whether your content and SEO strategy is compliant with it. On August 18, 2022, Google…

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5 Amazing Ways in Which UI & UX Design Impact Your Website’s SEO

ui-ux web design and seo impact

Did you know about the immense influence UI and UX design have on your website’s SEO? Gone are the days when using relevant keywords would get you ranked on Google. The Google algorithm has evolved over the years. Today, overall user experience is an essential factor that decides how a website ranks on the search…

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The Complete Guide to Core Web Vitals & Their Amazing Impact on SEO

core web vitals update

As of June 2021, core web vitals will become a crucial ranking factor for the Google algorithm. Have you caught up on everything about them yet? Google announced its plan to focus on user experience for ranking websites back in May 2020. Some of the factors that it wanted to start considering for measuring user…

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Reasons Why A Mobile-Friendly Website Is A Must-Have

woman navigating a mobile-friendly werbsite

Did you know that having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must-have in 2021? You might be wondering if it truly is important. But the answer to that lies in your everyday life. After all, how many times a day do you whip out your phone to do a quick Google search? More and more…

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