Search Engine Optimization

We'll get your started on Google.

Here is how we will help your company in regards to Search Engine Optimization

Organic Traffic

We can take care of common issues with your search engine optimization such as meta descriptions, slugs, alt attributes, keywords, web page links and more. Most importantly we teach you how to update your website with more content so you can bring more traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click

We can get your company started in the wonderful world of Google Adwords. This will allow you to market your business online, and you only have to pay when people actually click on your website! Online marketing that is proven to work!


We can set you up with Google Analytics free of charge. This is a powerful tracking software that will help you determine how many users are visiting your website, how they got there, and other useful tools to help you improve your website traffic.

We'll help you bring traffic to your website!

When designing your website, we pay special attention to the end user experience. When your website is designed with search engine optimization in mind, it could definitely mean the difference between finding that customer or not. Our team will make sure that you web pages are optimized for SEO with proper keywords, meta descriptions, SEO titles, and slugs.


A website that has proper search engine optimization is extremely important to your online marketing potential. User friendly content and informative websites are the foundation of a good SEO.


We can also help your business get started in the world of Pay Per Click advertising. We will get you set up with a Google AdWords accounts where you can set your own daily budget and pay for people to click on your website. This is a great online marketing tool to help you grow your business faster! Just follow the link below to request a quote or give us a call at 416-710-8660.

What our clients are saying!

The site was finished in record time, required very little tweaking, and we are extremely happy with the results, and the bill was very reasonable. We would highly recommend Alex and his crew to help you with your website, logo design, and just about anything in the field of web design and hosting!"

"LIFE did a great job on our website! We were in a super rush and needed it up and running in less than a week. I was not expecting this amount of detail in such a small period of time. The price wasn't bad either!"

The one thing I requested was that our customers could quickly and easily communicate with us through our website. You exceeded my expectations, the website looks great! We are receiving many compliments.

We were looking for something modern and clean and I think you did the perfect job. I had so many requests and changes throughout the process but Alex was such a pleasure to work with. Everything was done the same day I asked for it.

Thank you for the stunning website Alex! You took my style of music and portrayed it beautifully through your design skills. The fall color theme was such a wonderful idea!

We just needed a facelift for our old website. This new and modern design is just the thing we were looking for. The switch over was quick and easy. Thanks for all the hard work!