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7 Graphic Design Trends To Use On Your Website in 2022

the latest graphic design trends for your website

Websites are constantly evolving. Over the last few years, they’ve become faster, more functional and nicer to look at, and that last element is what we would like to discuss today. Let’s have a look at the seven most interesting graphic trends you can employ on your website in 2022 and beyond. Of course, there…

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How Hosting Affects your Website’s SEO

web hosting and your search engine optimization

There are over 200 ranking factors Google uses to index and rank your website. Did you know that some of them refer to your hosting? Although hosting is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about SEO, there are at least four elements of the hosting service that can impact your website’s…

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A Game-Changing Branding Partner on Clutch

clutch partner

Curious about the new trends in the market? Feeling like you’re branding is starting to get lost in the crowd? Let us tell you this, you don’t need a branding overhaul when you want to make it feel brand new again. Here at Life Web & Design, we have the answer to that! Located in…

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