Responsive Website Design

Over 60% of people browse the internet on their phones.

It's important to have a responsive website design, no question about it!

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The Responsive Design

What does it mean to have a responsive website design? Well it's quite simple, your visitors will be able to access you website on all devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and the classic desktop computer.


Sometimes the difference between losing a sale or not is how fast your customer is able to find the product they need. By having a responsive website design, your web presence is virtually identical on all devices, this way your customers have a more user friendly experience in helping them make a purchase!

SEO Perks

Having your website configured in a way that search engines are able to find you is very important to you and your business. A responsive website design ranks higher in the search engines and this will drastically help you gain customers online.

Our Responsive Touch

Here at Life Web & Design, we make sure all the customers that work with us walk away happy with a responsive website design. It is a fact that over 60% of users on the web are using their smartphones to access web pages. As a result, Google has recently announced that users are officially making more searches on their smartphones than they are on their laptops or desktop computers.


If you're business has an unresponsive website, you could be in some serious SEO trouble. Your customers can't find you! It's time to adapt to the future and get your website redesigned.


Are you ready to lose 60% of your customers due to an outdated, unresponsive website design?! Of course not! Contact us today for your customer responsive website design. Just follow the link below to request a quote or give us a call at 416-710-8660.

What our clients are saying!

"LIFE did a great job on our website! We were in a super rush and needed it up and running in less than a week. I was not expecting this amount of detail in such a small period of time. The price wasn't bad either!"

The one thing I requested was that our customers could quickly and easily communicate with us through our website. You exceeded my expectations, the website looks great! We are receiving many compliments.

We were looking for something modern and clean and I think you did the perfect job. I had so many requests and changes throughout the process but Alex was such a pleasure to work with. Everything was done the same day I asked for it.

Thank you for the stunning website Alex! You took my style of music and portrayed it beautifully through your design skills. The fall color theme was such a wonderful idea!

We just needed a facelift for our old website. This new and modern design is just the thing we were looking for. The switch over was quick and easy. Thanks for all the hard work!

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