DIY Studio Arts

DIY Studio Arts is a small business that offers painting classes and seminars for guests of all ages. They needed a fun way to advertise their business, so we designed a funky website, business card and brochure.

  • Availability Calendar

    We incorporated an online calendar, allowing DIY Studio Arts to post upcoming classes and show availability.

  • Responsive Design

    All of the websites that we produce come with a responsive design. This means the website will look great no matter which device you're using to view it.

  • LifeLab Installed

    Our LifeLab software allows you to make edits on your own. Whether its adding pictures, or changing text... It's never been easier!

Core Features

The bread and butter for our website designs is our responsive builder and content management system. We're able to create sophisticated website designs while empowering our clients to make their own edits with ease.


Responsive Design

A responsive theme is a necessity for a modern website design. Not only is it important to have your website optimized for all devices, but having a responsive website greatly improves your relationship with search engines like Google


Availability Calendar

DIY Studio Arts offers a variety of different classes, and they all happen on different ways. So we implemented an online calendar that they can update themselves, right from there Gmail account! This helps them to inform customers which classes are available.


Brochure & Business Cards

We don't just do online advertising. Print advertising isn't dead yet. It's a great way to inform your customers and stay in touch with them. So we designed DIY Studio Arts a brochure and business cards.


business card front
business card back

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