Cardio Study Holter Program

Cardio Study is an organization which helps patients across Ontario by reducing the amount of a time a patient has to wait before they can be diagnosed with heart problems. Cardio Study needed a website in order to spread the message to other clinics across Ontario about this fantastic program.

  • Video Background

    We added a video background to the home page of the website. This attractive feature helps Cardio Study extend the time visitors stay on the website.

  • Respnsive Design

    All of the websites that we produce come with a responsive design. This means the website will look great no matter which device you're using to view it.

  • LifeLab Installed

    Our LifeLab software allows Cardio Study to make edits on their own. Whether its adding pictures, texts or editing their availability calendar... It's never been easier!

Built For Success

Part of what makes our designs so great is the software that we use. Allowing you to make changes to your website on your own can save you a lot of money! In this instance, Cardio Study is able to update their website with new equipment in their catalogue.

Video Background

What really made this website stand out was our ability to add video backgrounds and banners for a personalized website design. Keeping customers on your website for longer periods of time is important. Why not keep them a little while longer with an eye catching video clip!?


Responsive Design

Our websites are always built to be responsive. This means that your website will be compatible with all the latest devices like tablets, smartphones and netbooks. Believe it or not, over 60% of your website visitors will be mobile users, it's more important than ever to have a responsive website design!


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